Jugend hackt Frankfurt 2024: Mentors wanted

Join our team of mentors and support young coders in Frankfurt!

You are a tech enthusiast aged 19 or older, passionate about mentorship and volunteering? Join our youth hackathon as a mentor!

Jugend hackt Frankfurt 2024 will be taking place from May 18 to 20 at Jugendhaus Riedberg. You can find more info about the event HERE.



To ensure the success of our Jugend hackt event in Frankfurt, we need your support as a mentor. At Jugend hackt, young coders are guided by volunteering technically skilled mentors who help them bring their ideas to life and are there to answer any questions.


If you have the time and expertise to support us, please sign up as a mentor!


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Basic Requirements:

To become a mentor, you should be 19 years or older, have coding skills, and enjoy working with teens aged 12 to 18. If you have experience in this area, it’s a plus! Additionally, while most activities in the programming world happen in English, good German skills are advantageous, as many participants do not speak English fluently (yet). Additionally, you need a current extended police clearance certificate. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll guide you through the process and let you know everything you need to know and do.

Programming Skills:

The goal is to provide participants with a wide range of support. That’s why we’re looking for a group of mentors with diverse skill sets and experiences in programming, creating a friendly and supportive environment for everyone involved. But you don’t have to be a pro in all things coding – everyone’s there to help each other out.

It’s very important to us to enable everyone to participate. Therefore, feel free to contact us at ffm@jugendhackt.org if there are any restrictions or obstacles for you regarding the event. We are more than happy to work together to find a solution.

What you get from us:

In return for your voluntary work, we offer you:

  • a free pedagogical-didactic training as part of the mentor briefing
  • networking opportunities with other developers and creative coders from all over Germany
  • a fantastic atmosphere, lots of experience, and the participants’ grateful smiles
  • little sleep
  • plenty of mate (the caffeinated soft drink)
  • eternal gratitude from the teams of NODE, the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, and mediale pfade

More info?

You can find more information about the event HERE and on the Digitale Welten Website. More general information about the project can be found on the Jugend hackt Website.

If you have any questions, send us an Email to ffm@jugendhackt.org. Your contacts are Liv (she/her) and Elena (she/her), both speak German and English.





Your Jugend hackt Frankfurt Team

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Elena Schweikert

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Rainer Killinger

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Elizaveta Kazantseva

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