Tinkering & Coding for the planet


This year, the different teams tried to find ways on how to contribute with code to better way of dealing with nature – and many crazy ideas came out:

One team developed the VRTR, an intelligent garbage collection robot, prototyped from scratch! The project CO2-Fahrzeuginfo helps you estimate your carbon footprint for planned itineraries. Another group focused on the use and processing of open data, to make knowledge easily accessible to everyone. With Parteiduell they created a challenging game that encourages discussion on politics. Try it out at www.parteiduell.de!

Communication and messenger services have kept many of the participants busy this year, resulting in three exciting projects:

The Political Infopoint aims to make information about Fridays for Future events centrally accessible by transferring information such as meeting points and event announcements from therefore specified telegram groups to a website accessible to everyone. The Social Hub team has been working on a problem that probably many know from everyday life: The multitude of apps for social media. The goal is to bundle and organise content from different applications.



The Short Messenger project aimed to make communication with the smartphone less stressful. By using filters, users can easily decide when, by whom and how they can be contacted. Among others, there’s the monologue filter, which always blocks new messages from one person as long as the other person has not yet replied – don’t we all have chats where that is needed.

The busy crowd was supported by 25 Mentors and Supporters, among them the lovely kitchen crew that provided meals and snacks all-day long. Thanks to everyone, sharing your knowledge and ideas to create such a wonderful weekend!


To sweeten the time until the next event, have a further look at


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The Playlist

All project presentations to watch in a row and get impressed:

(one is still missing due to privacy concerns but will be put online as soon as reworked)


Thank you!!!

Again a blast! Thank you the wonderful mentors, Pia Strassburger and the amazing team of Jugendhaus Riedberg, Jugend hackt team, all NODE team members and funding partners for making this happen!



Partners & Sponsors

NODE team members responsible for making Jugend hackt FFM happen…

Anna Meik

Nils Weger

Peter Zhongyu Hu

Jeanne Charlotte Vogt

Katharina Steins

Text: Anna Meik

Photos: Eda Temucin