NODE08’s program was divided into several complementing formats revolving around the creative use of technology.




Rooted in the vvvv community

NODE08 first provided a real life platform to the ever growing community around vvvv, a software toolkit for media artists:
A chance to get to know each other, to present, to exchange and share the most recent developments with a curious and hungry audience.

Initially planned as a vvvv community meeting it became quickly apparent that this gathering was way more than that: People working across boundaries of diverse applied and artistic fields were offered a week long schedule, which allowed them to exchange experiences and discuss current technological and artistic trends. Furthermore participants had the chance to showcase their own works and projects and to broaden their knowledge of vvvv in a variety of different workshops.

Through the collaboration with Luminale, NODE’s mission of abolishing technological contraints and diminishing the mystification of technology in the arts took shape in a fascinating and inspiring week long festival.