Speakers sparking Enthusiasm

After the keynote by the vvvv developers, those visitors that did not know vvvv before, now understood the coherence of vvvv and NODE08. In his lecture “audio reactive visual feedback systems in vvvv”, Paul Prudence, who is known as an artists and writer of the successful research blog www.dataisnature.com, showcased one of his artistic works with vvvv.

The architect Berthold Scharrer, representing the Frankfurt based office Franken-Architekten spoke about “computed geometry in architecture”, drawing connections between computational work and hands on architecture. Another highlight was the lecture by Herbert W. Franke. Franke is working in the field of computer graphics and computer arts since the 50s and among other activities he is co-founder of the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. Furthermore, Franke is considered to be one of the most important German Science Fiction authors. With a fascinating modality he reviewed the history of computer art by means of examples of his life work.

Casey Reas caught up with the first edition of his lecture “Form and code”. Reas is one of the most known software artists worldwide. Together with Ben Fry he initiated at the MIT Media Lab Processing, an open source programming environment for Image, Animation and Interaction, which is internationally used by software artists.


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Curious? Watch the lectures of some of the most forward-thinking technologists at the time.


‘Keynote on the software toolkit vvvv’
by vvvv group

‘Audio reactive visual feedback systems in vvvv’
by Paul Prudence

‘SINE Matters – computed geometry in architecture’
by Berthold Scharrer

Herbert W. Franke

‘Grafik aus dem Computer – Auf dem Weg zum Cyberspace’

‘Form and Code’
by Casey Reas (www.processing.org)

‘Genetically Modified Art’
by Regine Debatty

‘back to the future. what we might gain from a media archeology of generative art(s).’
by Verena Kuni

Conclusion panel discussion
with all speakers