The educational program was initiated and curated by the developers of the visual programming language ‘vvvv’. The face to face meet-up at NODE Forum for Digital Arts is the heart and soul of this community around ‘vvvv’. An international network of artists and talents of the creative industries coming together to advance their skills with the professional toolkit.


Workshop Program

NODE10’s educational platform presented 24 workshops on creative coding, prototyping interactive sketches, tinkering electronics and developing plugins for the graphical software toolkit ‘vvvv’.


  • Digital Media in Performing Arts
  • Visual Music
  • Projecting on the things
  • vvvv for beginners (EN)
  • vvvv for beginners (DE)
  • Mathematics for vvvv
  • Shaders and graphics effects
  • Plugin Coding for vvvv (basics)
  • Plugin Coding for vvvv (advanced)
  • 3D Transformations
  • Web user interfaces
  • Box2D – Physics Engine
  • Multitouch Paradigms
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Arduino & the TinkerKit (basics)
  • Arduino & the TinkerKit (advanced)
  • Data Visualization
  • Video LED with e:cue
  • 2D Video Tracking
  • Boygrouping & Multiscreen Setups
  • Advanced electronic tinkering with Fritzing
  • vvvv as a language

International contributors

NODE10 invited more than 25 professional creative coders, artists and developers
from all around the world to host workshops and share their knowledge.

  • Elliot Woods
  • Woeishi Lean
  • Massimo Banzi
  • Chris Plant
  • Alessandro Masserdotti
  • Elias Holzer
  • Sebastian Gregor
  • André Knörig
  • joreg
  • Christian Engler
  • Frank Langer
  • Jens Freihoefer
  • Johannes Timpernagel
  • Sebastian Huber
  • Matthias Zauner
  • Studio Strukt
  • Julien Vulliet
  • Natan Sinigaglia
  • Nils Buhlert
  • Tebjan Halm
  • Katharina Mayrhofer
  • Phillip Steinweber
  • Jochen Leinberger
  • Alexander Graf
  • ID_Frankfurt
  • Kristina Veit
  • Nina Vallon


Massimo Banzi

Designer, Educator, Engineer

Switzerland & Italy

Massimo Banzi is the co-founder of the Arduino project. He is an Interaction Designer, Educator and Open Source Hardware advocate. He has worked as a consultant for clients such as: Prada, Artemide, Persol, Whirlpool, V&A Museum and Adidas.

Woeishi Lean

Artist, Creative Coder, Developer, Educator, Media Designer, Performer, Software Developer, Technologist

Vienna, Austria

Woeishi Lean is a digital artist who produces computational media at a the intersection of design, technology and realtime visualizations. Bridging his time between large-scale media installations, lecturing and holding workshops, and enthusiast’s ventures he has been able to sustain a truly interdisciplinary career.

Through his practice he has always been heavily contributing to the live-programming environment VVVV. Starting off as a VJ, then diving into interactivity for some years at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, woei is now trotting the globe creating performances and installations.

The site-specific installation RingGingBling (Prague, Moscow, Vienna), Realtime music visualization mapping in the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles), the Austrian Pavilion for the 2010 Shangai Expo, Realtime music visualization mapping of the Arc de Triomf (Barcelona), interactive kinetic sculpture nemore (Leipzig, Vienna, Salzburg),… to name a few.

Natan Sinigaglia

Developer, Sound Artist, Visual artist

Milano, Italy

Natan Sinigaglia is a sound and visual artist from Italy, currently based in Berlin, Germany. With a strong background in music, contemporary dance and realtime graphics, he creates canvases where languages loose their boundaries and share forms and meanings.

During his artistic research he collaborated with many musicians (Maxim Vengerov, Vanessa Wagner, Gloria Campaner, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Odile Auboin, Mira Calix, Novi_sad, Jamie xx, Four Tet …), composers (Nick Ryan, Dmitri Kourliandski), orchestras (Ensemble Intercontemporain, London Contemporary Orchestra, International Menuhin Music Academy Orchestra), dancers (Alexander Whitley), visual artists (Marshmallow Laser Feast, Quayola, Pedro Mari, Claudio Sinatti) worldwide.

Elliot Woods

Artist, Creative Coder, Developer

Manchester, UK

Elliot Woods is a digital media artist, technologist, curator, educator. He creates provocations towards future interactions between humans and socio-visual design technologies.

About the curator


Berlin, Germany

Joreg is co-founder of and core-developer of the multipurpose toolkit vvvv and the general purpose visual programming language VL. Besides he teaches, works for money under the label and is otherwise concerned with the integration of sound, image and computer code.

For NODE he co-curates the educational program focusing on vvvv and vl workshops, bringing together users who want to share their expertise with those eager to learn.