VVVV’s open plugin architecture allows everyone to contribute libraries of nodes covering topics of diverse interest. Over the past years members of the community have developed a vast range of such libraries. NODE brings together developers and users of such libraries in a series of workshops. Here people can not only learn how to use those libraries, but also how to create their own.


Workshop program

Creative coding at its best: NODE13 covered over 33 workshops which enabled the participating students, artists and developers to integrate interactive and generative media in their creative work.


  • Robert Mathy
  • Enzo Varriale
  • Florian Jenett
  • Scott deLahunta
  • Amin Weber
  • Sebastian Huber
  • Marko Ritter
  • Desaxismundi
  • Tanja Tomic
  • Thomas Hitthaler
  • Ivo Schüssler
  • Florian Egermann
  • Nikos Mechanezidis
  • Woeishi Lean
  • Julien Vulliet
  • Elliot Woods
  • Natan Sinigaglia
  • joreg
  • Gerrit Kress
  • Stephan Müller
  • Edgar Loco Martinez
  • Ingolf Heinsch
  • Irwin Quemener
  • Thomas Gross
  • Katharina Mayrhofer
  • Patrick Jost
  • Gareth Griffiths
  • Daniel Huber
  • Christian Engler
  • Paul Scheytt
  • Matthias Zauner
  • Arístides García
  • Sebastian Neitsch
  • Jan Bernstein
  • Jens Alexander Ewald
  • David Mórász
  • Anton Mezhiborskiy
  • Tebjan Halm
  • Sebastian Gregor
  • Elias Holzer
  • Sebastian Oschatz

  • vvvv for newbies
  • vvvv für Neueinsteiger
  • Transformations
  • Video Effects and Compositing
  • Facade Mapping
  • DirectX 11 Rendering Techniques (basics)
  • DirectX 11 Rendering Techniques (advanced)
  • Boygrouping and Multiscreen Setups
  • Dynamic Plugins
  • Software engineering patterns with vvvv
  • Box2d – 2D physics based interaction
  • Bullet – 3D physics based interaction
  • Kinect Basics
  • Kinect Playground
  • Foosball3000
  • Building Applications with vvvv
  • High-level multi-touch gesture recognition
  • vvvv and the Arduino
  • Arduino & the VVVVirmata Protocol
  • Motor Control
  • Using industrial robots for creative applications
  • Projection Mapping on Moving Objects
  • let’s vvvvly, drones
  • Art and Brainwaves with vvvv
  • Folding & cutting paper with vvvv
  • Voodoo Camera Tracker with vvvv
  • Visualizing dance with Motion Bank
  • IRIS – Interactive Realtime Image Synthesizer
  • vvvv.js
  • GPU Particle Madness
  • Projector-Camera calibration
  • Working with the vvvv-sdk
  • Exploring vvvv’s Plugin Interface
  • OpenCV development

Special program


Open knowledge database

Workshop documents for free copying and further usage

For those curious about the workshop materials, please find code contributions, tutorials or presentations in this blog post of the vvvv community. We encourage you to grow your own projects on it!

About the curator


Berlin, Germany

Joreg is co-founder of vvvv.org and visualprogramming.net and core-developer of vvvv where he is mostly concerned with UI, UX and library development. Besides he teaches, works for money under the label checksum5.com and is otherwise concerned with the integration of sound, image and computer code.

For NODE he co-curated the educational program for all previous NODE Forum for Digital Arts festival editions. The program was focusing on vvvv and vl workshops, bringing together users who want to share their expertise with those eager to learn.