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‘Videomusic & Hypercubism’
by Gabriel Shalom

Audiovisual composition. Video games. Dimensional collapse. Hypercubism. The transformation of the object. Speculative simulations. Design fiction. Pixels and frames. Through the looking glass.

‘Life Away From Keyboard’
by Kyle McDonald

What might it look like when all of our real world relationships are governed by the rules of our online relationships? When the way you treat your friends, how you determine, who to respect and who to disown, is determined by an automated system? These are a few stories about unusual situations at the border of our real and networked lives.

‘Changing Rules While They Are Followed: Live Coding the Embodied Loop’ by Alex McLean

Live coding of music is perhaps the most inert performance art invented. Live coders give everything to the digital world they inhabit: In order to achieve creative flow they focus entirely on the code and its effects. The result is stark: Blank faces, eyes fixed on the screens, no movement except the efficient tapping on keyboard…

‘The Ideology of Seamlessness’
by Julian Oliver

One could say that ‘seamlessness’ is ‘design hiding engineering’. While this is sometimes to be desired, Oliver will show how the expectation – even demand – for seamless interaction with machines and network services makes us increasingly vulnerable to agendas of techno-political control.

‘Politics of Code – Code of Politics’
by Niklas Treutner

The internet has transformed the possible applications of democratic participation and will allow us to find new ways to discuss and decide on political ideas. New sets of rules shape the discussions – some of them due to technical reasons. What are the implications of these new rules? What are the challenges of current applications and how can we overcome them?


About the curators

Eno Henze

Berlin/Frankfurt, Germany

Eno Henze is an artist, scenographer and designer based in Berlin and Frankfurt. His works examine how machines transform aesthetic reasoning and notions of the human. Combining theory with technology and computation, Henze creates images and spaces that oscillate between great complexity and clarity, between human and machine origin.

Andreas Broeckmann

Berlin/Lüneburg, Germany

profile at Leuphana University

Dr. Andreas Broeckmann is an art historian and curator who lives in Berlin and Lüneburg. He has been the Director of the new Leuphana Arts Program at Leuphana Universität Lüneburg since October 2011. He was the Founding Director of the Dortmunder U – Centre for Art and Creativity (2009-2011) and Artistic Director of ISEA2010 RUHR, the 16th International Symposium on Electronic Art in the context of the European Cultural Capital, Ruhr.2010.