The software toolkit ‘vvvv’ offers myriad applications from artistic explorations to commercial projects, encouraging creatives to experiment and prototype.

Besides a series of workshops hosted by the creators of vvvv, this time NODE15 also hosted 2 workshops for teens and kids.

In parallel to the workshops series of talks titled ‘Of Patches and Projects’ was organised where people interested in the topics but not
specifically in hands-on learning would still be able to get an insight into the latest activities of the vvvv community.

  • 44 workshops

  • 25+ talks

  • 70+ international experts

  • open hackspace

  • 6 days


NODE15’s educational program covered almost all aspects of innovative media in digital arts. Addressing both laymen and experts, the workshop lineup compiled a foreward-looking pool of ideas and cutting edge knowledge in the field of creative coding.


The complete Workshop List:

  • vvvv for Newbies (EN)
  • vvvv for Newbies (DE)
  • vvvv50 Snail Introduction
  • vvvv50 Rabbit Introduction
  • Object Oriented Patching with VObjects and Messages
  • Dynamic Plugins for vvvv
  • Connecting Things to the Internet of Things
  • Interacting with Choreographic Installations
  • Recording and Annotating Movements in Dance
  • Plugin Development with Thirdparty SDKs
  • Multiscreen Setups & Boygrouping
  • Motors and vvvv
  • Video Effects and Compositing
  • Ways of Seeing with Computers (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Machine Learning with vvvv (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Git for vvvv Projects
  • Bring Your Own Patch
  • Generative Design Algorithms
  • Arduino & VVVVirmata
  • Empathetic technology design
  • vvvv.js – Extending your Patching Skills to the Web
  • 3D Transformations
  • GPU Particles
  • DX11 Shading (basics)
  • DX11 Shading (advanced)
  • DX11 Shading (Pointclouds)
  • DirectCompute: A Multipurpose Shader
  • Emeshe: An Advanced Rendering Technique in DX11
  • Interactive audio synthesis – Interfacing Reaktor and vvvv
  • Sonic Pi – Live coded audio synthesis
  • – a powerful synthesizer pack
  • 3D Printing – vvvv and OpenSCAD
  • vvvv meets G-Code
  • Grasshopper & vvvv
  • The World is our Canvas – Projection Mapping with vvvv
  • Cutting & folding parametric objects of paper
  • Oculus basics
  • 3D Tracking with Kinect (basics)
  • 3D Tracking  with Kinect – Interactions with DX11-Pointcloud
  • 3D Tracking with Kinect & Oculus Rift VR
  • Box2D Physics Engine in vvvv
  • Bodysensors
  • Soft Sensors for Soft Bodies

Special program

International experts

NODE15 invited more than 70 professionals for digital media and
creative coding from all around the world to contribute workshops.

Woeishi Lean

Artist, Creative Coder, Developer, Educator, Media Designer, Performer, Software Developer, Technologist

Vienna, Austria

Hannah Perner-Wilson

Craftswoman, Designer


Christian Loclair

Artist, Creative Coder, Designer


The complete list:

  • Katharina Mayrhofer
  • Valerie Vogt
  • Jochen Leinberger
  • Patrick Jost
  • Matthias Zauner
  • Abraham Manzanares
  • Thomas Gross
  • Florian Jenett
  • Johannes Lemke
  • Ingolf Heinsch
  • Elias Holzer
  • Sebastian Gregor
  • Joreg
  • Anton Mezhiborsky
  • Tebjan Halm
  • Juliane Götz
  • Jan Bernstein
  • Sebastian Neitsch
  • Hannah Perner-Wilson
  • Mika Satomi
  • Ingo Randolf
  • Ivo Schüssler
  • Daniel Huber
  • Arístides García
  • Melanie Thewlis
  • Dominik Koller
  • Elliot Woods
  • David Morasz
  • Matthias Husinsky
  • Chris Loclair
  • Sebastian Huber
  • David Gann
  • Julien Vulliet
  • Minoru Itoh
  • Robert Willner
  • Marko Ritter
  • Paul Scheytt
  • Jens A. Ewald
  • Chris Engler
  • Gerrit Kress
  • Stephan Müller
  • Edgar Loco Martinez
  • Verena Henn
  • Benjamin Schiek
  • Nikos Mechanezidis
  • Johannes Timpernagel
  • Woeishi Lean
  • Johannes Helberger
  • Sarah Schmid
  • Alessandro Maggioni
  • Moritz Cramer
  • Anton Koch
  • Gösta Wellmer
  • Clement Destephen
  • Natan Sinigaglia
  • Yuki Hirano
  • Thomas Eichhorn

Open Hackspace

Providing tools for tinkering and experimenting, such as 3D printers, head-mounted displays or tracking sensors, the open hackspace represented a creative space for collaboration and DIY projects. In addition experts gave spontaneous insights into their still unpublished developments.


Students’ voices

Next to NODE15’s professional experts, international students and newbie participants joined the festival week. At the second day we asked them about their experiences: They shared their expectations of the educational program and their experiences on-site.

The curator’s voice

As co-founder of the vvvv group, Joreg curated the educational platform. Next to latest software plugins and trend-setting developements also creative and artistic approaches are presented and collaboratively designed.

Knowledge database

Workshop documents for free copying and further usage

For those curious about the workshop materials, please find code contributions, tutorials or presentations in this blog post at the vvvv community. We encourage you to grow your own projects on it!

Some of the workshops and presentations are also available as video documentation.