NODE17: Designing Hope

A new festival edition is in the making. Save the date and prepare for an adventurous digital playground!


Hope. It drives us to cross borders, to risk our lives for an idea.
It inspires us to wager fortunes investing in the next big thing.

But who has the power to design the imaginaries that drive this very human confidence and by which means?

NODE17 sets out to investigate the role of code, technological infrastructures, artificial intelligence and anonymous content managers in the mediation of ideas for a better future. Are we the inventors, makers and performers that shape the dreams and aspirations of our generation? Or: who is designing hope?

NODE Forum for Digital Arts in its fifth edition invites you to become part of a week long creative exploration of technologies. Mousonturm and studioNAXOS/Theater Willy Praml Frankfurt will turn into vibrant hubs for open exchange, hands-on experiments and reflection combining an exhibition, creative coding workshops, AV performances, laboratories, artist talks and engaging debates.

Join us and stay tuned via #NODE17!





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