A conversation with Prof. Verena Kuni (Goethe-University Frankfurt), Shailoh Phillips (de Kooning Academy Rotterdam) and Frank Vloet (Waag Maker Education Lab Amsterdam)

8 Apr 2021, 20:00 – 21:30

online on Big Blue Button

€7,50 (Students €5)


How to critically approach technology in a fun and empowering way? What tools and methods can be used to learn in a community?

In order to address these questions, Creative Coding Utrecht & Digitale Welten have joined forces to explore creative approaches of teaching and learning about tech. The public online event “Teach – Tools – Tech” brings together Shailoh Phillips who teaches at various institutions such as The Royal Academy of Art The Hague and Willem de Kooning Academy, Frank Vloet from the Maker Education Lab at Waag and Prof. Dr. Verena Kuni, DIY-enthusiast and scholar at Goethe University Frankfurt (Institute for Art Education: Visual Culture), to discuss the “why” and “how” of critical making and maker education. They are joined by our international network of artists and collaborators.

The event is open to everyone interested – if your current situation does not allow you to buy a ticket, please feel free to contact info@digitale-welten.orgTickets are available for €7,50 (Students €5) here.


Moderated by Jeanne Charlotte Vogt (Digitale Welten / NODE e.V.).

Organized by Anna Meik (Digitale Welten) and Saskia Freeke (Creative Coding Utrecht).



Verena Kuni


Verena Kuni is a scholar in art, media and cultural studies and professor for Visual Culture at Goethe-University Frankfurt a. M.

In her research, teaching, projects and publications she is, a. o., exploring transfers between material and media cultures; media of imagination and technologies of transformation; DIY & critical making; toys and/as tools,; visual epistemology; information design and (con)figurations of knowledge; biotopias and technonaturecultures. She has a special crush on interdisciplinary projects and programs at the intersections of theory and practice. 


Frank Vloet


Frank Vloet is Lab Lead of the Maker Education Lab at Waag. In education programmes he combines art, science and technology and questions societal issues such as sustainability, privacy and inclusion. Besides developing education programmes, he is also involved in teacher and facilitator training for maker education.

Shailoh Phillips


Shailoh Phillips has been teaching theory, research methods, and writing practices in the Master Photography and Society since it was launched in September 2018. She has a background in cultural anthropology, philosophy, cultural analysis, interaction design, and arts education. She never really stops learning, which is part of why she has a passion for creating a stimulating learning environment.

Over the past decade, she has been cultivating a practice of constructive troublemaking. She is part of the international Tools for Action artist collective, working with inflatable sculptures in collaboration with protest movements. She also works with interactive installations, video, animation, photography and re-purposed machines.

Jeanne Charlotte Vogt


Jeanne is a dramaturge, curator and cultural producer. Since 2017, she is the artistic and managing director of NODE. Trained in management theory, working in arts and culture, she embodies the multidisciplinary perspective in the team. Her projects are working at the intersection between the digital arts, performance and technology, always aiming at spreading the means for the critical reflection and application of technology.

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This event is made possible with the support of Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie