Workshop on Permacomputing

Permacomputing your way out of casual dystopia

In this workshop, participants will explore the principles and ideas around permacomputing and work on a concrete small scale project to reflect on computers and our environment.



What is permacomputing?

Permacomputing is both a concept and a community of practice oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology inspired by permaculture. (


What is the workshop about?

Textual communication is a common human activity which has been practiced in many societies for millenia. But in the last decade, it has taken a different turn – becoming vastly more complex while being mediated and controlled through huge infrastructures and un-democratic corporate structures.

The workshop led by Ola and Brendan will take that issue head-on and provide participants with a playful exploration of the concepts and philosophy of permacomputing.  In one day, we will establish alternative ways of communication using repurposed electronics and based on speculative futures, create scenarios in which constant (and instant) access to the network is not a given.

Can we think of minimalistic futures in maximalist reality? How can we regain some of the agency by stepping out of the mainstream use of media? How can we apply permacomputing rules in our daily practice? We invite you to join us in pursuit of answers to these questions!


What do you need to bring?

Programming knowledge may be helpful but is not required. Participants at all experience levels will find interesting possibilities to learn and collaborate. Please bring your own laptop.



  • The workshop will be held in English.
  • Please bring your own computer.
  • We offer three types of tickets from which you can choose the one that suits you best – please choose freely. We would be glad if you supported our program by buying a ticket. If you can’t afford the ticket, you are welcome to choose the supported ticket!


  • Der Workshop findet auf Englisch statt. Das NODE Team kann mit Flüsterübersetzung auf Deutsch unterstützen.
  • Bitte bringt euren eigenen Computer mit.
  • Wir bieten drei Ticketarten an, aus denen ihr frei auswählen könnt. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Ihr unser Programm mit dem Kauf eines Tickets unterstützt. Solltet ihr euch die Gebühr nicht leisten können, könnt ihr gern das supported Ticket wählen!

Workshop Hosts

Brendan Howell

Brendan Howell is an artist and a reluctant engineer. He is the creator of numerous interactive artworks and inventions. Additionally, he has spent a lot of time teaching digital practices in applied and fine arts at various European higher education institutions. He lives in Berlin, Germany but can often be found walking in wooded areas of Northern Europe or enjoying pastoral life in Hacksneck, Virginia, USA with his extended family.

Ola Bonati

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Ola Bonati is a researcher and storyteller working on topics exploring the implications of various technologies in our culture. In her work, she investigates the consequences of Web 3.0 hype, politics of design, digital monopolies, platform labor, and personal digital habits. She frequently turns to writing (ranting) about technology but remains hopeful and playful by creating critical new media pieces. Her latest focus is on digital hoarding, asking: how to crawl our way out of tech dystopia and into more kind practices both; for ourselves and the planet?



What is NODE+CODE?

Since 2014, the meetup invites creatives, designers, artists, coders and anyone else interested to a series of events with changing locations and thematic focuses – all related to working with code in design and the arts. We want to build a community of people interested in the creative and critical application of technology in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main.




The project is funded in the program “Promotion of Cultural and Creative Industries Institutions” by the Hessian Ministry of Economy, Energy, Transport and Housing.

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