A/D/A – Tomorrow’s Utopias for Today’s Citizens – for ‘smart’ citizens in Hamburg

In collaboration with the Fab Lab in Hamburg, St. Pauli, our NODE curators Jeanne and Alexandra launch a festival for the artistic exploration of the impact of digitization of the urban space.


Invited artists:

Jeremy Bailey, Benjamin van Bebber, Jessica Broscheit, Adam Harvey, Kati Hyyppä, Filomena Krause, Mika Satomi (Kobakant) and Claudius Schulze.


In August 2016, the 4 day festival invited artists to host workshops that shared artistic practices to creatively approach digitization of daily life in the urban space. In seven workshops in the neighborhood of St. Pauli,  the international artists explained concrete strategies for handling surveillance, analog and digital technologies and a smartening environment.

Mika Satomi and her participants created smart fashion items and developed a ritualistic performance to consciously upload and handle personal data collection. Jeremy Bailey launched the first edition of this project LEAN ARTIST – The World’s first Seed Accellerator for Artists and invited 10 artist to give a startup shape to their critical artistic projects. Together with young artists and citizens of Hamburg, Adam Harvey discussed campaigns to create awareness for urban surveillance.

Claudius Schulze, photographer and inventor, co-created an online platform to share ideas for the alternative use of long neglected areas in the Hamburg port. Kati Hyyppä and a group of bicycle enthusiast turned their bikes into analog seismographs to measure the physical impact of the Hamburg streets on our body.

Jessica Broscheit invited a group of participants to design prototypes for the own, personal air pollution sensors and masks. And finally, Benjamin van Bebber and Filomena Krause invited the young citizens of Hamburg to a workshop to digitally and acoustically map the city of Hamburg and redesign a soundscape that actually sounds fun.





Jeanne Charlotte Vogt

Artistic Director, Festival Director, Team Digitale Welten

Alexandra Waligorski

Curator, Team Digitale Welten

Adam Harvey


Jeremy Bailey


Mika Satomi