We want you – Join our team of mentors and support young coders in Frankfurt!

Jugend hackt Frankfurt/Main is run by NODE - and we need you to share your knowledge!

Jugend hackt is all about hacking and creating prototypes that help to make the world a better place. Yet, we are looking for mentors to support our teenagers during the three days of the hackathon. This third edition will take place from the 27th to the 29th of September and focuses on environmental issues and sustainability.




What are the requirements for becoming a mentor?

Anyone above the age of 19 who is open for or experienced in the exchange with a younger audience in the age span between 12 and 18 can be a mentor.
Additionally, you should be able to speak a certain level of German as most of the participants will be from the local communities and their English might not yet be fluent.
As this years Jugend Hackt Events are running under the theme “Mit Code die Um:Welt verbessern” we appreciate support from mentors of diverse backgrounds.
As a mentor, you are invited to share your knowledge on technical or environmental subjects but overall you should feel good helping when questions arise or projects get stuck.

It is an important part of the concept to enable participation for everyone, so please contact us at young@nodeforum.org if you are worried to face any restrictions at the event or if you have any constraints that need to be considered beforehand. We are highly motivated to get together and find a solution.


What do you get in return?

For your volunteering support, you will receive:

  • a free pedagogical workshop preparing you for being a mentor
  • networking opportunities with coders and developers
  • an amazing atmosphere and 3 days of excited young experts around you
  • quite some bottles of Mate
  • little sleep
  • infinite gratefulness of the NODE team, the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland and mediale pfade.org – Verein für Medienbildung

Not sure what to think about being a mentor at Jugend hackt? Watch the interview with Jelka!





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