Goethe Institut


With its international network of offices and curators, Goehte Institut is a valuable partner for NODE in the creation of opportunities of international exchange for artists.
NODE and Goethe Institut have been collaborating on the following projects:

TADAEX/NODE Exchange 2016/17 

TADAEX/NODE Exchange 2014/15

The German-Iranian exchange and residency project for two artists  has happened twice in advance to NODE and TADAEX festivals.


Thanks to the support by Goethe Institut, our curators Alexandra Waligorski and Jeanne Charlotte Vogt have been able to travel through Iran for research and networking in 2016 and Jeanne was invited to Mexico to host a workshop on the question on how formats for interdisciplinary exchange between the digital arts and dance can be organized in 2015.


coming soon:

Choreographic Coding Lab Nairobi/Frankfurt

Artist Exchange FIBER Festival Amsterdam