Baltic Raw Org (BRO)

Hamburg, DE

Baltic Raw Org is an artists group from Hamburg; at its core are Berndt Jasper (Artist), Móka Farkas (Dramaturg) and Christoph Janiesch (Architect).

The collective is rooted partly in the visual arts, partly in architecture. Since 2002 its activities have focused predominantly on public space. Whereas in its formative years the group was concerned foremost with the interim and participativ occupation and artistic use of urban wastelands (Hafencity), since 2012 its emphasis has shifted to working in an institutional (Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kampnagel, Deichtorhallen) context at the interface of architecture, art and social experiment.


Walk-through sculptures
Baltic Raw Org are walk-through sculptures made of serially manufactured wooden elements that offer highly variable and flexible use. The constructions are attuned to the (site-specific) conditions of their surroundings, providing shelter without drawing boundaries.
The structures de-construct and democratise; they probe possibilities of generating social participation in public space. Actions by Baltic Raw Org are time-limited interventions in public space that redefine conventional forms of presentation.

As a social construct BALTIC RAW ORG is a platform conceived to explore and develop spaces for activity and artistic actions.
Here the focus is always on processuality, interactivity and the site-specific development of artistic actions. The aim is to create a framework for spontaneous self-organisation.


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