Benjamin van Bebber

Choreographer, Performer, Theatre Maker

Hamburg, Germany

Benjamin van Bebber works as director, performer and dramaturge. Having completed studies in musical-studies and philosophy he currently studies stage direction in musical theatre in Hamburg. In his work, he focusses on the exploration of collective working-processes in the context of musical theatre and the voice as a medium for experimental and intimate encounter.

He is part of the artist network cobratheater.cobra and co-founder of the collective “Institut für angewandtes Halbwissen”. His work has been shown at Kampnagel/Hamburg, Opera Stabile/Hamburg, Ballhaus Ost/Berlin and Theater Bern (CH). His recent work “Winterreise” was shown in Berlin and at the Goethe Institute Nairobi and will be presented at the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, in autumn 2017.

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