Doreen Keck


Speaker Management

Artist, Project Manager

Offenbach am Main

DORLEIJN aka Doreen Keck lives and works in Offenbach (DE) and Shanghai (CHN). By using a combination of rough sketches and her startling imagination she immerses herself deep into sound & space to create high-tech installations, digital films, video and physical and digital objects.

Analytical and strategical skills being her weapon of choice she is a pragmatic visionary. Driven by her love for booming bass sounds she uses electronic synthesizer jam sessions to deal with ‚TIME‘ at various levels of consciousness – and she never sleeps. Her goal is to create characteristic and not repeatable experiences, pure celebrations of now. This modus operandi motivates her to be concretely involved in artistic collaborations, workshops and cultural events and festivals such as the NODE Forum for Digital Arts (Frankfurt) and WISP 360° AV Laboratory (Leipzig).


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