Elisa Valentin

Delegate General of Québec in Germany

Munich-Berlin, DE / Québec, CA


Elisa Valentin took office as Delegate General of Québec in Munich on June 1st, 2020. She was previously Director of Europe and European Institutions of the Ministry of International Relations and La Francophonie since 2016.


Proficient in six languages and with a significant professional background focused on international and economic aspects, she has been developing her career within the Ministry from the end of 2006, where she worked as Director for Asia-Pacific, Director for Latin America and Antilles as well as the head of Haiti and Germany / Switzerland / Austria desks, among other positions.

Before joining the Government of Québec, she worked as an economic analyst at the Department of Human Resources Development Canada in Ottawa and, later, in the field of financial communication and sustainable development at Publicis Consultants in Paris.

Elisa Valentin holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Law (specialization in international economic relations – Gorizia, Italy, 1998) and a Master’s degree in International Relations (specialization in international development – Laval University, Quebec, 2006). In 2019, she participated as the representative of Québec in the Europe module of the 26th “Lehrgang für Verwaltungsführung”, a formation of the Chancellery of the State of Bavaria.




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