Gloria Schulz

Blutende Freischwimmer*innen

Creative Producer, GreenHouse NAXOS

Artist, Developer, Producer

Hamburg, Germany

Gloria Schulz is a digital artist from Hamburg. Gloria is a co-founder of Studio für unendliche Möglichkeiten. Gloria feels most at home in gray windows and, as a visual hacker, explores immersive illusory spaces.

Gloria’s artworks as a creative coder and performing artist are shown throughout various festivals and theatres in Germany and abroad.



Weaving in motion capture and photogrammetry with live art she created at the Theatre of Research FUNDUS THEATER in Hamburg the transgenerational workshops. For the participatory citizen project »Stadttheater« at the LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg she designed and performed the VR theatre piece »Raum im Kopf« and with her collective and young hackers she developed an AI that has learned what happiness is and now shares it with the visitors. As part of her fellowship at the Academy for Theater and Digitality in Dortmund, she overcomes and extends the singular experience in virtual worlds, both technically and narratively. Together with the »NODE Forum for Digital Arts« and the »studioNaxos« she designed the collaborative virtual space »GreenHouse NAXOS«, which includes for the SECOND NATURE LAB serves as a digital exhibition space and metaverse.



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