Janne Kummer

Artist, Workshop Host


Berlin, Germany


Janne Kummer works as a cross-disciplinary artist and educator at the intersection of Performing Arts, Digital Media, Game Design, and Critical Theory. Their work examines the effects of digitalization on the assessment and perception of bodies, referencing the thematic fields of Data/Techno/Cyberfeminism, Design Justice, Somadesign, and New Materialism. In their artistic practice, they are invested in critically engaging with the current developments in the field of AI. They use their work as a tool to expose existing power structures and develop alternative queer-feminist future visions.


JK believes in collaborative processes and their potential to be a source of healing and meaningfulness. Their creative process is informed by a somatic understanding, recognizing the body as a primary source of knowledge. JK is passionate about martial arts, actively training and fighting in Muay Thai and K1.