Melisa Allela


Artist, Creative Coder, Designer, Educator

Nairobi, Kenya

Melisa A. Allela-Njagih merges in her work knowledge in animation, illustration and graphic design to create digital art projects that explore the retelling of personal narratives. She applies experimental animation techniques that fuse various tools and technologies. Her work has been shown at the Nairobi Digital Art festivals organized by Goethe Institut Nairobi, the Nairobi Performance series, Afrika Film festival in Leuven and at the Screendance Africa Dance on Screen Festival in Wuppertal. Melisa teaches Interactive Media Design courses at the Technical University of Kenya, Department of Design and Creative Media where she is also a PhD candidate. Melisa holds a Master of Arts Degree in Design from the University of Nairobi and in previous engagements, worked as a graphic designer, character designer and animator.


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