Simon Möllendorf


Theatre Maker

Simon Möllendorf was born in 1985 in Berlin. After graduating from high school Möllendorf worked first for a german television production. He studied theology, philosophy and theatre science in Berlin and Vienna before he came to Frankfurt am Main to begin his studies in theatre direction, that he finished in November 2016 with the performance “MENGE”. Together with Daniel Schauf, Möllendorf founded the independent performance platform studioNAXOS. His first work he showed there 2014, the performance 2,7 D Wir gehen in die Berge um zu schweigen und zeichnen Karten um uns zu verirren, was invited at the Young Directing Festival „Körber Studio Junge Regie 2015“ at Thalia Theatre in Hamburg and was part of the final choice for the jury ‘s award. His production “HYDRA” was shown at studioNAXOS in 2017.


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