Simon Renaud

Artist, Designer

Born in 1981, Simon Renaud is a Graphic designer and typo­grapher based in Paris. He invests different media of expression of design graphics such as publishing (book, catalog, magazine, monograph, poster) typography (specific typeface design), digital media (website) and work frequently with Véronique Pêcheux to produce photographs. He previ­ously co-founded the collective ‘A is a name’ with Jérémie Nuel (2010-2014). He create the research project ‘Language as Symbols’, a mood board website about writing system around the world. He also involved in various schools to conduct Workshops.
Simon Renaud places in the center of his projects different notions, drawn from the history of writing, mathematics, physics and new technologies. He is interested in the evolution of tools, and different means which modified our cognitive perception. For this reason his work consists of using these processes, which are either linked to the typography, to image or visual arts.