This performance addressed each of its viewers as individuals, not as members of an audience. When experiencing MOVEMENT C, each viewer is at first preoccupied with the dancer, but eventually loses this awareness. No aspect of MOVEMENT C is designed to be spectacular; the intention is to cause a subtle sense of drift in the viewer’s perception; to act as a seductive attraction by means of aesthetic clarity, tranquility and depth.

Despite its intensive use of 3D projection and  stroboscopic flickering, MOVEMENT C is primarly focused on creating imaginative images in the viewer’s perception. Light and sound in accordance with Yuebing Lou’s movements orchestrated the beginning of the performance which culminated in a vertical screen glowing at the end.

Since the 1990s, when Ulf Langheinrich formed part of the Granular Synthesis collective, he concerned himself with developing large scale audiovisual installations, hulling the audience into immersive experiences. His oeuvre regularly appears in internationally renowned festivals around the world. Yuebing Luo is a choreographer and dancer based in Guangzhou, China. He is also one of the co-founders of “Free Will Stage”, a group that brings classical theater into public spaces – a true pioneer in the field of dance and performance in China.


About the artist

Ulf Langheinrich

Dresden, Germany

Ulf Langheinrich is a Austrian media artist based in Dresden. Already in the eighties Langheinrich set up a studio for electronic music where he developed the basics of his aesthetic language.

In 1991, he and Kurt Hentschlaeger founded the media art duo GRANULAR-SYNTHESIS in Vienna. For more than a decade, they have realized a number of international large scale projects including MODELL5, NOISEGATE and POL. GRANULAR SYNTHESIS exhibited and performed at international institutions such as ISEA Montreal and Liverpool, ICC Tokyo and Creative Time New York.

Since 2003, Ulf Langheinrich has been realizing a range of large scale solo projects including worldwide presented and well-known works like DRIFT, WAVEFORM A and B, HEMISPHERE, among others at Ars Electronica as a featured Artist.