Photos by Christian Schuller

In our first meetup, we got to know the work of artists working with extended reality technologies as well as powerful VR and AI tools developed by colleagues in Rhein-Main.


Caroline Creutzburg presented „Muskeln mit drei Frauen“, an interactive theater performance where the audience navigates through the animated worlds of three very different women.The piece features unusual interactions with joysticks and sensors. 

Ben Livne Weitzman is one of the founders of WAVA, a Frankfurt-based platform for site-specific virtual art. He presented the recent exhibition DEMO and shared thoughts on virtual interventions, communal platforming, and the augmented space of appearance.

From a design perspective, Bastian Hansl demonstrated different open source tools and frameworks to gain control over generative AI. He shared his own experiences and insight into a commercial use-case. 

NSYNK is a digital design studio, based in Frankfurt, made up of an inquisitive, interdisciplinary and international group of individuals. Their member Alex Henker presented their Mixed Reality project »Hyperslides«, a platform that allows for shared spatial and immersive experiences for remote audiences.





Caroline Creutzburg

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Caroline Creutzburg is a theater maker and performer. She is interested in how the world can be reassembled in permeable formats. She is always accompanied by the question of the supposedly banal and the emancipatory in showing and watching. Her most recent works were the digital media installation “wabe[]ost” and the hybrid solo “deep net fake hole dark rabbit” and the ensemble performance “Die Vielhundertjährigen” (together with René Huari).

Bastian Hansl

Mainz, Germany

Bastian Hansl is a multidisciplinary designer and developer based in Mainz, Germany. He has worked as an art director, freelancer and lecturer for various agencies and institutions with a focus on visual design, motion and code. Currently employed as a digital designer at HalloBasis in Frankfurt, Bastian is simultaneously pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.

Ben Livne Weitzman

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Ben Livne Weitzman is a curator and writer based in Frankfurt. He is CEO and co-founder of WAVA, an augmented exhibition platform. Ben earned his Master’s in Curatorial Studies from the Städelschule and the Goethe University in Frankfurt, and a Bachelor’s degree from the Interdisciplinary Honours Program in the Humanities and the Arts at Tel Aviv University. As a curator, Ben is working with the Crespo Foundation’s Glenkeen Garden artist-in-residence program in West Cork, Ireland.

Alex Henker

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Alex Henker, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a multidisciplinary generalist with a rich background in mixed reality. With seven years at NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik mbH, Alex has worked as a developer, designer, senior project manager, and experience designer. Through his studies in Interactive Media Design, Alex integrates a broad range of skills, at the intersection of technology and design.
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