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Ella Zickerick

Berlin, Germany

Ella Zickerick is a designer from Berlin with a keen interest in the intersections of pop culture, art and new media, which she explores through research and artistic experimentation. Her work focuses on the creative use of digital tools and virtual image cultures. She spent her studies in Dresden, Melbourne and Brighton and holds two bachelor degrees in “International Business” and “Design: Product and Communication” from the University of Applied Sciences Dresden. She has been on Prompt Battle Tour since October 2022 and has participated in events such as transmediale and re:publica. She also currently works in the communications team at Junge Tüftler gGmbH, a media education company that supports children and young people in developing digital skills.

Lina Schwarzenberg

Dresden, Germany

Lina Schwarzenberg is a freelance designer and educator who operates at the intersection of design, art, and technology. In addition to her work as a graphic and web designer, she has developed a particular fascination for the interaction between humans and machines. Schwarzenberg delves into the impact of artificial intelligence and critically and experimentally explores both the potential and limitations of this technology. She conducts workshops and delivers lectures, disseminating and sharing her knowledge and experiences in AI-driven design. Since October 2022, Schwarzenberg has been a member of the Prompt Battle Team.

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