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What is Creative Coding?

As Wikipedia frames it, Creative coding “is a type of computer programming in which the goal is to create something expressive instead of something functional. It is used to create live visuals and for VJing, as well as creating visual art and design, entertainment (e.g. video games), art installations, projections and projection mapping, sound art, advertising, product prototypes, and much more.”

Joreg and Eno presented their journey from starting to explore computers as creative means of expression to understanding that with creative coding tools they were able to find solutions to almost any challenge and get to DIY-build their ideas from scratch.

Join our community to learn more about it, to get to code yourself!




For this meetup, we are having our long-term member and co-founder of the visual programming language vvvv Joreg as a guest from Berlin.



Berlin, Germany

Joreg is co-founder of and and core-developer of vvvv where he is mostly concerned with UI, UX and library development. Besides he teaches, works for money under the label and is otherwise concerned with the integration of sound, image and computer code.

For NODE he co-curated the educational program for all previous NODE Forum for Digital Arts festival editions. The program was focusing on vvvv and vl workshops, bringing together users who want to share their expertise with those eager to learn.

Eno Henze

Berlin/Frankfurt, Germany

Eno Henze is an artist, scenographer and designer based in Berlin and Frankfurt. His works examine how machines transform aesthetic reasoning and notions of the human. Combining theory with technology and computation, Henze creates images and spaces that oscillate between great complexity and clarity, between human and machine origin.

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