• 150+ events

  • 11.000+ total visitors

  • 3.500+ total professionals

  • 120+ invited experts

  • 7 days of festival

  • 8 locations


NODE17 featured a vibrant program stretched over two venues including more than 60 expert workshops, an exhibition reflecting the notion of hope, performances and concerts, a program for young audiences, an extensive mediation program created in cooperation with Goethe University as well as a full-day conference inviting artists, theoreticians, activists and practitioners to share their thoughts. The festival leitmotif ‘Designing Hope’ inspired a long list of speakers, artists and creatives to share their critical thoughts and ideas on our social fabric and hope as a design material. In collaboration with our partner VVVV, we designed NODE17 as a platform for sharing innovative projects, experiments and prototypes, for finding new collaborators, open knowledge sharing and critical debate on practical and ethical questions that come along with a critical attitude towards the power of design.


  • 60 creative computing workshops for the creative industries and the media arts scene
  • Master classes by the experts from the in visual programming community of VVVV.
  • Research and development think tanks
  • Experiments with new technologies
  • Open Hackspace area
  • Match-making and networking
  • Pop-up stages, barcamp and project presentations


Designing Hope

Who shapes our hopes today? What are the means that translate our fears and desires into images of hope? What role does the design of technological infrastructures play for global movements?

Between collective hopes for a better, peaceful life in the global village on the one hand, and feelings of disempowerment in the face of an ever more complex digitized environment on the other, Designing Hope sets out to discuss the responsibility and potential of engineering and design practices.



NODE17 discussed an intangible yet powerful motor that drives ideas of a better future. The program analyzed the role of technology in the creation and manipulation of collective imaginaries: How do today’s communication infrastructures determine the formation of public opinion? Are we living in a global village that is accessible for everyone or in secluded, exclusive bubbles? What do we expect from creative technologists who dedicate themselves to developing the next life-improving or life-extending tools? Are critical creative practices able to shape responsible design?




Artists, Teachers, Lecturers:


Adam Harvey & Jules Laplace, Amelia Marzec, Burak Arikan, Bernd Hopfengärtner & Ludwig Zeller, Dar Al Hokoomeh Project, Eden Mitsenmacher, Florian Egermann, Golan Levin & Shawn Sims, Heath Bunting, Hannah Perner Wilson & Mika Satomi (Kobakant), Joey Lee, David Leonard & Benedikt Groß, LAb[au], Lilian Nejatpour & Simon Weckert, Marshmallow Laser Feast & Natan Sinigaglia, Martín Nadal & César Escudero Andaluz, onformative, Pinar Yoldas, Tega Brain


Andi Otto & MD Pallavi, Andreas Hoppe, Andreas Mühlschlegel, Anton Kalabukhov, Avbvrn/Ian Rodriguez, Aximixa, BBB_, Carly Simon, Daniel Schauf & Simon Möllendorf (studioNAXOS), Ekaterina Danilova, Elena Sizova, Felipe Sanchez, FM Aether, Gregor Woschitz, Kollektiv Neue Dringlichkeit, Kyosuke Ishii, Leibniz, Leo Hofmann, Filomena Krause & Benjamin van Bebber, Lucy Railton & Peter Zinovieff, Matthias Schäfer, Paul Schengber & Felix Deufel (wisp Kollektiv), Paula Temple & Jem the Misfit, Rainer Kohlberger, Solaris, The Hacking Orchestra, TIBSLC, Umfang


Alacoque Ntome, Amelie Hinrichsen, Awuor Onyango, Benjamin van Bebber, Else Tunemyr, Jared Onyango, Leo Hofmann, Melisa Allela


Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey, Felix Kosok. Florian Egermann, Kathia von Roth, Lauren McCarthy


Elisabeth Weidinger, Florian Arnold, Oliver Hollenstein


Ali Khadivar, Andrew Denton, Benedikt Groß, Christian Reynaga, Damjan Jovanovic, Fabian Scheidler, Gaynor O’Flynn, Gregory Bennett, Jacob Lefton, Jennifer Nikolai, Johan Bettum, Johanna Disselhoff, Kris de Decker, Liam Young, Lisa Rombout, Maren Urner, Maria Yablonina, Martin Retschizegger, Mohsen Hazrati & Milad Forouzandeh, Michael Hirdes, Mohamed Hossam Elwakil, Otto Krause & Milan Loviška, Stefan Marks


Alexander Graf, Amir and Judith Soltani (metrowave), André Viergutz, Andres Alvarez, Ann-Katrin Krenz, Anna Rack, Anton Kalabukhov, Anton Mezhiborskiy, Antoni Rayzhekov, Arístides García, Boris Vitazek, Bram Snijders, Carolien Teunisse, Carolin Liebl, Chris Engler, Christian Loclair, Christian Rühle, Christoph Schmid, Clemens Gürtler, Daniel Huber, David Gann, David Mórász, Dominik Koller, Ekaterina Danilova, Elias Holzer, Ersin Han Ersin, Felix Deufel. Gloria Schulz, Jens A. Ewald, Johannes Lemke, Johannes Schmidt, joreg, Julien Vulliet, Junji Nakaue, Jürgen Ropp, Katharina Köller, Katharina Mayrhofer, Kyle McLean, Lars Busack, Lukas Winter, Mangosh Prunier, Manuel Palenque, Manuel Gonzálvez, Marcel Wiessler, Maria Yablonina, Marko Ritter, Marta Soto, Martin Zrce, Matthias Husinsky, Matthias Zauner, Michael Burk, Minoru Itoh, Natan Sinigaglia, Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler, Onur Olgaç, Patrick Jost, Paul Schengber, Sabrina Verhage, Sebastian Gregor, Sebastian Häfele, Sebastian Huber, Shunichi Kasahara, Stefan Beckmann, Sune Petersen, Tebjan Halm, Techettes, Theron Burger, Thomas Gross, Raffael Ziegler, Raphael de Courville, Robert Willner, Vadim Epstein, Valérie-Françoise Vogt, Victor Sardenberg, Woeishi Lean

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