Digitale Welten 2018

The Youth Media Arts Festival in Frankfurt

10 Nov 2018 – 18 Nov 2018

Junges Museum Frankfurt, Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt, MESO Digital Interiors

Are you spending all your time scrolling through the same three smartphone apps? Then it’s time to get creative and start shaping our digital society! You want to know how? Find out by working with awesome media artists. Take matters into your own hands and be a part of the Digitale Welten Workshops from 10.-11. November 2018!

You can choose between three workshops on different topics – all of them involve technology, all of them creative and all of them with the same question in mind: How can we help shape the digital world in such a way that everyone has the same opportunities and rights? The results will be presented in your own exhibition!

Hier geht’s zur Beschreibung auf Deutsch!

+ Creative Gaming + Interactive Installation + Tinkering & Electronics


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(Workshops will happen in German and can be supported in English!)



Our Artists

These great people will run the workshops!

Thilo Lübker


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