NODE+CODE #13 – Permacomputing & Sustainability Meetup

How to creatively compute during climate crisis?

8 Feb 2024, 19:00

Crespo Studio

Berliner Straße 27
Frankfurt am Main

free entry, free soup!

Our upcoming NODE+CODE #13 meetup will focus on the question of how to deal with technology in a sustainable way. A growing community is reflecting on the impact of technology, soft- and hardware on our environment – also known as permacomputing. How can we scale down, reduce waste, and use technology in our design and artistic work in a more sustainable way?

Join our evening for discussions on low-res – with a hi-res soup.





For this meetup, we invited Ola Bonati and Brendan Howell will report directly from the permacomputing community and their activities around sustainability in design and computation.

Next to that we will have Felix Große-Lohmann tell us something about the local initiative „MFA – Material für Alle from Frankfurt. The initiative is committed to enabling more sustainable circulation of materials in the Frankfurt cultural production.


Brendan Howell

Brendan Howell is an artist and a reluctant engineer. He is the creator of numerous interactive artworks and inventions. Additionally, he has spent a lot of time teaching digital practices in applied and fine arts at various European higher education institutions. He lives in Berlin, Germany but can often be found walking in wooded areas of Northern Europe or enjoying pastoral life in Hacksneck, Virginia, USA with his extended family.

Ola Bonati

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Ola Bonati is a researcher and storyteller working on topics exploring the implications of various technologies in our culture. In her work, she investigates the consequences of Web 3.0 hype, politics of design, digital monopolies, platform labor, and personal digital habits. She frequently turns to writing (ranting) about technology but remains hopeful and playful by creating critical new media pieces. Her latest focus is on digital hoarding, asking: how to crawl our way out of tech dystopia and into more kind practices both; for ourselves and the planet?

Felix Große-Lohmann

Frankfurt am Main

Felix Große-Lohmann beschäftigt sich seit seinem Studium der Kunstpädagogik und Anglistik mit Fragen rund um Materialkreisläufe in der Kunst- und Kulturszene. 2022 gestaltete er als künstlerischer Leiter die Installation Moondog für das Netzwerk „IfM – Initiativen für Materialkreisläufe“ auf der documenta fifteen und koordinierte die Veranstaltungen des Netzwerks. Er ist Gründer der Galerie Husslehof und der Frankfurter Materialinitiative „MFA – Material für Alle“, einer Organisation für nachhaltige Materialkreisläufe im Kulturbetrieb in Frankfurt und der Rhein-Main-Region, mit der er Materialien aus Ausstellungen und Kulturproduktionen sammelt, um nachhaltig kreative Wiederverwendung zu ermöglichen.

And what else will happen?

With our third meetup this season we will dive into the new year, getting back in touch with each other – and, of course, we will again serve drinks and a warm and yummy soup for free!

Just come by or RSVP (for better planning) here!

Want to learn more about permacomputing?

Join the workshop on January 26th, 2024! Ola Bonati and Brendan Howell are inviting you to explore the principles around permacomputing and its growing commmunity in a hands-on way.

More info on the workshop here!


What is NODE+CODE?

Since 2014, the meetup invites creatives, designers, artists, coders and anyone else interested to a series of events with changing locations and thematic focuses – all related to working with code in design and the arts. We want to build a community of people interested in the creative and critical application of technology in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main.




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