NODE+CODE #14 – Creative Coding

The meetup on tools and coding practices for creative people (or lazy ones).

We don’t stop and invite you to a following meetup right away: NODE+CODE #14 on Creative Coding. Having been born from the user community around the visual programming language vvvv, NODE has been promoting creative coding as a mind-set and practice since its beginning.

Our next meetup will invite one of our co-founders and developer of vvvv will lure you into the beauty and easyness of creative coding for artists and designers of every kind.

Join the meetup for inspiring code, interesting people and an impossibly delicious soup.




For this meetup, we are having our long-term member and co-founder of the visual programming language vvvv Joreg as a guest from Berlin.



Berlin, Germany

Joreg is co-founder of and and core-developer of vvvv where he is mostly concerned with UI, UX and library development. Besides he teaches, works for money under the label and is otherwise concerned with the integration of sound, image and computer code.

For NODE he co-curated the educational program for all previous NODE Forum for Digital Arts festival editions. The program was focusing on vvvv and vl workshops, bringing together users who want to share their expertise with those eager to learn.

And what else will happen?

With our forth meetup this season we will dive into the new year, getting back in touch with each other – and, of course, we will again serve drinks and a warm and yummy soup for free!

Just come by or RSVP (for better planning) here!

Want to start with creative coding?

Join the workshop on February 16th, 2024! Joreg invites you to explore the visual programming language vvvv in a hands-on way.

More info on the workshop here!


What is NODE+CODE?

Since 2014, the meetup invites creatives, designers, artists, coders and anyone else interested to a series of events with changing locations and thematic focuses – all related to working with code in design and the arts. We want to build a community of people interested in the creative and critical application of technology in Frankfurt and Rhein-Main.



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